Too much time in the Dakota Territory

Man there is absolutely nothing for me to do after I get off work. I usually mash around a while but its not as fun with no traffic and skating isn't the best here. I've been shooting a lot, that is a plus but have nothing to edit them with/ do not want to pay to get my 20+ rolls developed. I finally have my sewing machine running right so hopefully I'll be able to make/mend some clothes or make some stuff to sell. Once i get some sodium carbonate I'll experiment with developing with vitamin c and instant coffee. I don't really want to try it with my old rolls because there is a lot of stuff from Europe. I've been doing a lot of phonetography too. But damnit since my mom's house has got internetz and her computer is fast as balls I have been spending way to much time on here. Well hopefully my new rims come in soon so I can mash.

PS I picked up a milkdud off the floor the other day. It turned out to be a turd. Fuck you little kid. I know who you are.

Well here are my new shoes.

Before I left Colorado, I found that super sick ditch spot Josh Murphy smithed in IN COLOR at .38 the footage does that spot no justice. Its so gnarly and steep. The rail is pretty hard to skate too and when you fall, its like falling on a cheese grater.
Here are some pubes that I found in the urinal at work, they spell out old. I laughed and p'ed.