I need more friends with motorcycles so I can take pictures.

Penny Australia

PENNY AUSTRALIA from Penny Australia on Vimeo.


We're Really Doing It

If you skateboard and don't know already, Heath Kirchart and friend, Jeff Vallee, rode from LA to NYC and documented the process. Jeff's writing style is great and amusing. His photos are just as good.

I will, in my lifetime, ride across the US of A.
check them out here


Bicycle Dreams!

Look I made it on the blog bicycle dreams! Pretty hyped. AND, its my hundredth post! What a nice little addition to the day.

A Skate Regeneration

filming, editing, and music are so well done. i really like the creativity at the spots. he is the spainard version of skate ninja. i guess it would be skat-o ninjatas.



, originally uploaded by loon..

i took this the weekend of denver's oldest most grueling race, which happened to be on an extremely hot summer day, the road rash bash. the finish was at three kings tavern so jared and i figured we pop in next door to decade to see if ashley was working. sure enough she was. i pulled out my little xa and was able to capture this. i like the motion blur. i dont think it would be the same without it



this was from our ride from denver-boulder-longmont then ft collins-boulder. one of the most intense rides i have ever done. i ride a minimum of 60 miles a week and going from that to 80 a day was really intense, especially going to boulder. the hills killed me but damn were they fun.

we ran across this guy on the way to boulder and we figured it was a perfect opportunity to get a photograph. we couldnt have been more right.

Knife Attack

too good to not repost.