Memorial Day

I've been meaning to make a blog for a while now. With so much going down recently I figured this would be the perfect time. So I'm leaving to South Dakota for the summer, it blows asshole but I need to make fast money and lots of it. So Memorial Day was pretty sweet, woke up to another overcast rain filled day. Bike polo was post-poned due to weather but luckily we had a window to play for 3 hours or so. Me, Krishna, and David made up team brown. We made an exception with David because he has a brown bike. We lost one and won one. Murdered them the second game. David and I rode back to his house, it started to pour as we were putting our bikes on the porch. Spent my evening chatting with Collin. Headed out to Wes's party around 12. When I got there everybody was leaving to Brian's. I guess he was having a keg party. Luckily I had my car...I parked it on Clarkson and 16th, the on the other side of his place. Separating us a parking lot, not just any lot a police parking lot. Stepping into a puddle as I open my door is a great way to start the night. A little down and lazy I decided to take a short cut through the lot. Up the trash can and over the fence. Making my way up the second fence now, almost home free! When suddenly I get spot lighted. I walk over to the patrol car and they ask me what I was doing. I calmly told them what I was doing and the cop was being a total ass hole using unesscessary force and attitude. As they cuffed me, I saw Brian, Jeremy, and Wes pull up, I was going to yell at them but it was probably a bad idea. Loaded in the car they drove me 15 feet to the door of the police station. They searched me, threw me in a holding cell, and he (cock sucking R. Ziegler Ser # 05032) was still being a cock sucking asshole. Maybe he didn't like my non chalant attitude. Sitting in the cell the Forecast was stuck in my head so I sang and whistled and kicked my feet swimmingly. I thought they were just going to give me some shit and try to scare me then let me go with a warning. Man how I wish that was the case. The loaded me into the paddy wagon and brought me to Denver county. Took my mug shots, prints, and made me strip off my three sweaters multiple times, it was annoying. How many times do you have to look through my pockets, I've been in a holding cell for the entire time. What am I going to do stab you with the styrofoam cup or use it as leverage later to get me a woman? My mug shot was pretty awesome. Being a little shocked that they were going so far to put in me in jail, I couldn't help but smile. I look a little to happy, almost derranged. Sat in the fish tank for a while and read aloud with the spansish program on the screen that was telling me to report rapes and how to avoid them. After getting all my shit processed they put in a 5 ft by 7 ft holding cell with 7, yes 7 other people. Two of which were bums and it smelled of delicious shit! I was only in there for 30 mins. I feel bad for the others who were in there for hours. I stayed in the lovely accomodations of the 4th floor room 5 west wing. Got to my room around 3, slept for an hour and my roommate woke me up for break fast as 430 am. Why in the hell do they have it so early? The reactions to the food was pretty hilarious. Upon seeing what we were going to be dining on a moan of "uuuuuuuuhhhhhss" echoed in the corridor. Breakfast consisted of cream of wheat, milk, coffee, butter, sugar, a tortilla smothered in a transparent gravy with brown salty chunks. That shit was sick. Back in the cell my roommate introduced himself to me as 19 year old "Demise." He just did a year in adams county and have spent the last 5 days in county. I had court at 8 and Demise wouldn't let me sleep another wink. He asked what music I liked. I told him. He said he was down with the "family" but wasn't a juggalo. Lies. He has faygo coursing through his veins through and through. On top of that he wouldn't stop preaching and reciting biblical verses it me. It was awesome. Time seems to drag on in there. I lay on my top bunk rolling around changing sitting/laying positions every ten minutes or so. Finally court rolls around and its taking for ever. The bum before me had the best story. Apparently he was in the quiet room in the health clinic, which he says has no bathroom. He told us he had to shit really bad and the only thing in the room was a plate. So he left a nice steamer on the plate and pushed it towards the guard so she could dispose of it. The judge said the statement said otherwise. According to the medical staff they said he threw "feces at the staff and smeared feces on the wall." I was up shortly after, pleaded guilty and when he said " do you have any further comments?" I leaned in and said "go, nuggets." A silence fell amongst the crowd as those words left my lips. My tempterature rose, I was nervous. Maybe it was a bad idea after all. The judge said "just because we're in denver doesn't mean we are all nuggets fans..." luckily he liked my humor and he talked about basket ball before my time. I was let off with time served. Spent the rest of my day skating. It was glorious.