I went over seas once

To Italy. After two years I finally got my rolls of color developed. Storing film for a long time, even in the fridge, after shooting on it is a bad idea. The film gets fogged. Maybe it was from all the xrays I went through. Well here is the Pointe Vecchio in Florence, Italy 2008. I scanned my scotch taped prints instead of the negatives because it is way easier.


Ruby Hill

Elliot just learned nose press to tail taps.


Joel-Peter Witkin

Is giving a free lecture in Boulder. Not entirely sure what to expect. I've never seen a photographer give a lecture.

Tuesday, Feb 16th -- 7pm
University of Colorado Boulder
parking: use Euclid across from Art Building


No one really checks out my blog so basically I just put stuff up for me to see later. For those who check my blog out, you have probably seen all the stuff already posted elsewhere. Well heres a wheat field in South Dakota.


Here's another photo from the same place. This is a church.


Caught Up

I've finally caught up with editing most of my photos. Here's one of some barracks in an abandoned military post built in the 40's.

Fresh Ass Board With A Not So Fresh Ass Guy

Chad holding a new creation that Crash made. It's a skate-able switchblade.