Chitty Chitty Gang Bang 3

click to enlarge. sees yous theres.



Aaron from street tumblers is putting on a race, come and play.

This Thursday night, May 27th at 10:30pm. Meet at the Cheeseman Park pavillion. There are prizes to be won, bring a helmet! No helmet, no prize!

Chitty Chitty Gang Bang: Round 2

Race is tomorrow evening, Wednesday May 26th. registration at 7:30pm, race at 8:00pm. 2$ entry, winner takes all. the format will be 1-on-1 sprints, winner advances. meet at 16th and Platte street, by the bridge.
It won't be as demanding as last weeks, so everyone can participate!


L: you sold yours pretty quick
E: what?
L: you sold yours pretty quick
E: I sold what pretty quick?
L: your cheese
E: why did I sell my cheese
L: at the skatepark
E: laughter
E: what are you talking about
L: how could this get anymore complicated?
L: you get a slice of cheese, goto the skatepark, and sell it!
Empty stares
Elliot leaves
L: I hate you




Holy Jesuit

Forgot to film for the SP montage last year.


Moab Scoot.net Rally

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot a vintage scooter rally in Moab. It was my first time out there and I must say it is gorgeous. Here is a photo from the first night.


Espera Mints

I purchased a Polaroid Land Camera Type 215 last weekend from the Goodwill for $6. It was a great steal; it came with a flash, case, and 5 exposures. The great thing about the 215 is that that camera has a built in timer. Well this is my first attempt at doing a Polaroid transfer. The receipts lead me to believe that film expired in 1984. The images have a nice nostalgic coloring to them. Well I have a color assignment to do and I wanted to try to do a transfer on to my final 4x5 transparencies so to test it I tried it on some Ilford Delta 100. Needless to say, the transfer didn’t work. The surface of the film is not abrasive or absorbent enough. I think I’ll try it again but will tinker with the surface of the film.


KEH in Boulder

KEH is coming to Boulder. Bring your stuff to trade or sale.

Mike's Camera
2500 Pearl Street Boulder, CO 80302
Corner of Folsom and Pearl
303 - 443 - 1715

May 7th & 8th
Hours: Friday from 9am - 6pm
Saturday from 10am - 5pm