Espera Mints

I purchased a Polaroid Land Camera Type 215 last weekend from the Goodwill for $6. It was a great steal; it came with a flash, case, and 5 exposures. The great thing about the 215 is that that camera has a built in timer. Well this is my first attempt at doing a Polaroid transfer. The receipts lead me to believe that film expired in 1984. The images have a nice nostalgic coloring to them. Well I have a color assignment to do and I wanted to try to do a transfer on to my final 4x5 transparencies so to test it I tried it on some Ilford Delta 100. Needless to say, the transfer didn’t work. The surface of the film is not abrasive or absorbent enough. I think I’ll try it again but will tinker with the surface of the film.