Jacob made a dubstep song on a casio, i guess this is the music video for it.

Grandmaiz has Alzheimers

Went to South Dakota for Chrimbus. I was looking for random shit of mine in the garage when I stumbled on some eggs in a box, on a five foot shelf, with video tapes. I was like, "shit, grand ma has Alzheimer" and the bag of cereal and bird food in the unplugged refrigerator was not helping her cause. She came in and told me that they were using the garage as a chicken coop last summer. She tried to save the eggs to eat them. I had to convince her crazy ass that they were bad by now.

Here are more eggs in a box for a car air filter.


Rip Sticking

I should probably get better at editing and song choice.



are done. that means i dont have access to a computer or a lab so you guys wont be seeing me or any work for a while. so i leave you with this babe.


Zeromile Issue 005 Release Party

Tonight Friday, December 10 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Stoney's Bar and Grill
1111 Lincoln Ave.
Denver, CO

Metropolitan State Communication Design Department presents

Zeromile Magazine Issue 005 release party
a production from 30 design students in the ARTS 3225 Typography III course

The party is free, but the magazine is not. Show some love to Zeromile and get yourself a copy of the limited-edition issue. $12 a copy – only 150 out of 400 left! All proceeds goes to Zeromile 006 this Spring!

We will be hanging out from 6-9 at Stoney's Bar this Friday. Stoney's is at 11th and Broadway (we apologize in advance for the parking in the Golden Triangle). There will be video art from our friends with NERDA, a George Ferris Photography photolapse booth, music by sixtwentysix, and a reading area for those if you who can't wait to dive into the magazine! Alex Potter will be screen printing for the first hour, bring anything you want to print a black mythical creature on.

Also, don't forgot to check out the MSCD BFA thesis show just down 11th Street.

And, today is the last day to see the UCD BFA thesis show at the Emmanuel Gallery on the Auraria campus. I thought it was an overall solid show.



, originally uploaded by loon..

Adai/To Be Eaten show kick off tour at Illegal Pete's.




, originally uploaded by loon..

Figure it was time for a change. I hated the last layout because it cropped off so much. This one is a little better at least it doesn't crop any of my posts. I wish I could have Helvetica. I'll be putting up more photographs and video edits once I get some time (when school is over with and I'll be busy having fun not posting.) Thinking about changing the name of the blog too. So I'll leave you with a newish image. This is Jeff on his Cinelli Mash. I think this was from our Denver-Boulder-Ft. Collins Ride or the Road Rash Bash. Shot with an Olympus XA2 and some Tri-x 400. I sent it to Cinelli but they never got back to me.

The Nuge

On Any Sunday


I need more friends with motorcycles so I can take pictures.

Penny Australia

PENNY AUSTRALIA from Penny Australia on Vimeo.


We're Really Doing It

If you skateboard and don't know already, Heath Kirchart and friend, Jeff Vallee, rode from LA to NYC and documented the process. Jeff's writing style is great and amusing. His photos are just as good.

I will, in my lifetime, ride across the US of A.
check them out here


Bicycle Dreams!

Look I made it on the blog bicycle dreams! Pretty hyped. AND, its my hundredth post! What a nice little addition to the day.

A Skate Regeneration

filming, editing, and music are so well done. i really like the creativity at the spots. he is the spainard version of skate ninja. i guess it would be skat-o ninjatas.



, originally uploaded by loon..

i took this the weekend of denver's oldest most grueling race, which happened to be on an extremely hot summer day, the road rash bash. the finish was at three kings tavern so jared and i figured we pop in next door to decade to see if ashley was working. sure enough she was. i pulled out my little xa and was able to capture this. i like the motion blur. i dont think it would be the same without it



this was from our ride from denver-boulder-longmont then ft collins-boulder. one of the most intense rides i have ever done. i ride a minimum of 60 miles a week and going from that to 80 a day was really intense, especially going to boulder. the hills killed me but damn were they fun.

we ran across this guy on the way to boulder and we figured it was a perfect opportunity to get a photograph. we couldnt have been more right.

Knife Attack

too good to not repost.


Nechtology Man-Tage

this is what we have from the summer.


Oregon Triptych

, originally uploaded by loon..

I did of a lot of accidental double exposures. Luckily I didn't do it to these ones, sort of. I need to make a note of what film is in my camera(s) and figure a system of how to not do accidental double exposures.




I made a video to document the first time I saw the ocean. We were listening to Explosions in the Sky. I really wished it was God Is An Astronaut though.



Em, originally uploaded by loon..

all black
all the time
black shoes
black pants
red undies
black shirt
black hat
black coat
all black
all the time


Pots Squared

, originally uploaded by loon..

For some reason the scanner always crops my images. This was on our way to Alex's little kid themed birthday party. We always bomb Logan doing stupid stuff. Its fun.


Homage to laser tits

My old spoke card I drew on. All I can ever think of when I see the porn cards is the site lasertits.



This is going to be hilarious.



Drew, originally uploaded by loon..

I want to wheat paste this around town. I can hear him saying "fuck you hippie"



, originally uploaded by loon..

You can smoke them or photograph them.



Grace, originally uploaded by loon..

On our way to Hippie Hole in the good ole Black Hills of Dakota. She hates it when I take photos of her.

Working on editing stuff from this summer including developing and scanning so it should be pretty busy for a while.



Inspired by Tony Hawk Pro skater. Coffin to scorpion.

Over Under

With Jake cause all the other kids were scared of landing on me.


Too Awesome

thank you patrick.


From My Travels

Been busy all summer traveling and staying away from computers. This is one of my favorite photographs that was taken at Short Sands beach out in Oregon. There are so many more to edit. I hope to have them done by the end of this semester as for all the film that was shot, they will probably sit in the fridge for at least two years. This is the first ocean I saw and it was cold and saltier than expected.



The new episodes are killing it. The comics narrated and illustrated by Fry art just pure comedic genius. I wish Fry could narrastrate more things.



View Camera

I finally used my view camera for the first time. I was extremely surprised that my $50 bargain lens and $100 dollar body/accordians and free film holders worked so well. Here are some results that was inspired by a project called "Dump Sites" or something to the extent.



Polaroid Mio

I gots me one. Its nice because it takes the instax mini film and it was a quarter of the price of the fuji cameras.



Spent 5 days or so in Montana on Neil's friend Jacks property. We caught some huge 5+ lbs trout in his many lakes and some tasty fish sticks in the river near by. I've never been so redneck in my entire life. We sat on the porch eathing, drinking, and shooting guns, riding 4-wheelers everywhere, bashing stuff, and chasing cattle. It was well needed break from everything. Only sad thing was that we didn't see any bears, I did poop in their territory though.


Chitty Chitty Gang Bang

Is still happening this Wednesday. Here are some photographs from the Cafe Race. Check points were St. Marks, Pablo's, Leela's, and Paris.
1. Rob (danger)
2. Kahlil(like 7 seconds behind rob)
3. Jeremy (cocks)
4. Alex (potts)
5. Nathan (naked)
6. Nick (backflip in yo face)
7. Aleena (aneela)
8. Jeff (Jollie)
9. Austin (Tacious)
10. Ryan (Lion Basher)

Play list:
the wooden sky
social studies
the tallest man on earth


Memorial Day Weekend Round 2

This time around I didn't end up in jail! I did end up in the Memorial day parade though with Jeff. We got kicked out a couple of times. We rode with the pt cruisers, I think it was something about gay pride here is a picture from the parade.

Later we ran into Greg and rode out to Cherry Creek Reservoir for a swim and got nothing but mosquito bites.


Ulysses Lion

My friends had me take some photographs with them the other week. They played with Toxic Holocaust.


Chitty Chitty Gang Bang: 4 The DUI Test

Wednesday, June 9th, is Chitty Chitty Gang Bang #4.

This event is going to be different from the previous three; more fun and relaxed, less, Rob throwing up after winning. The format will be a time trial through a cone slalom (bunch of cones and a few surprise obstacles), one person at a time, with lots of cheering, beer, and high fives on the sidelines.

Come on out and tell your friends, because this is an event that everybody can participate in and have a chance at winning.

See you there


Chitty Chitty Gang Bang 3

click to enlarge. sees yous theres.



Aaron from street tumblers is putting on a race, come and play.

This Thursday night, May 27th at 10:30pm. Meet at the Cheeseman Park pavillion. There are prizes to be won, bring a helmet! No helmet, no prize!

Chitty Chitty Gang Bang: Round 2

Race is tomorrow evening, Wednesday May 26th. registration at 7:30pm, race at 8:00pm. 2$ entry, winner takes all. the format will be 1-on-1 sprints, winner advances. meet at 16th and Platte street, by the bridge.
It won't be as demanding as last weeks, so everyone can participate!


L: you sold yours pretty quick
E: what?
L: you sold yours pretty quick
E: I sold what pretty quick?
L: your cheese
E: why did I sell my cheese
L: at the skatepark
E: laughter
E: what are you talking about
L: how could this get anymore complicated?
L: you get a slice of cheese, goto the skatepark, and sell it!
Empty stares
Elliot leaves
L: I hate you




Holy Jesuit

Forgot to film for the SP montage last year.


Moab Scoot.net Rally

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot a vintage scooter rally in Moab. It was my first time out there and I must say it is gorgeous. Here is a photo from the first night.


Espera Mints

I purchased a Polaroid Land Camera Type 215 last weekend from the Goodwill for $6. It was a great steal; it came with a flash, case, and 5 exposures. The great thing about the 215 is that that camera has a built in timer. Well this is my first attempt at doing a Polaroid transfer. The receipts lead me to believe that film expired in 1984. The images have a nice nostalgic coloring to them. Well I have a color assignment to do and I wanted to try to do a transfer on to my final 4x5 transparencies so to test it I tried it on some Ilford Delta 100. Needless to say, the transfer didn’t work. The surface of the film is not abrasive or absorbent enough. I think I’ll try it again but will tinker with the surface of the film.


KEH in Boulder

KEH is coming to Boulder. Bring your stuff to trade or sale.

Mike's Camera
2500 Pearl Street Boulder, CO 80302
Corner of Folsom and Pearl
303 - 443 - 1715

May 7th & 8th
Hours: Friday from 9am - 6pm
Saturday from 10am - 5pm


World Wide Pinhole Day

Got my pinhole "published" on their site and by publish, I mean I sent it in and they okay'ed it.
Check it out.


World Wide Pinhole Day

was yesterday. This is what I got.


The Other Side Arts

My friend, Jonathan, had a collaborative show with poets and scientists at The Other Side Arts gallery sometime last month. Here’s a photograph of the crowd and it’s hanging space. The other is a collage of the entire piece.


My first interwebs book!

Here is the front and back covers. You can check out a 15 page preview here.



Potential idea for a horrible tattoo. I want to open up a bad tattoo shop in Mexico so when all the Chads and Amys go on break I can aid in their regrets.


This makes me want to film so of the polo events around Denver.

SEXY, POLO, BEER, AMIGO. from mybeautifulparking on Vimeo.

Bicycle History in Denver

Early Bicycle History in Denver from Jim Kellett on Vimeo.



Jamie Thomas

skating some denver spots


Shaq Attaq


Spring Break 2010

We had shitty weather all break. I couldn't sleep so I went and wondered around broadway at 3 a.m. My feet were frozen. I did find a cool children's magazine from the 30's.


Elliot found an Egg Full of Shit this Easter




Skateboardanimation from Tilles Singer on Vimeo.

Haz j00rz mindz exploded!!!!!!!!!!?


This is what happens when you photobomb

You get invited to do a shoot for 5280! Well, yesterday Elliot, Aaron, and I were headed to Lime to meet up with Austin for Taco Tuesday. We cruised past a photo shoot and decided to photobomb them. We thought they would be pissed, like everyone else, but to our dismay we got invited to the shoot! We stuck around and shot for a half an hour or so. It was a shoot for urban living. I guess we fit the picture. Hopefully, we make it in the magazine.

Photo courtesy of Cary Jobe. Visit her site!


Xan Xan

Xanadu (Zan-ah-do) my little niece cat. She heard a blender.

Shred Machine

This guy was out for blood. You get in his way, you die. He played chicken with everyone. He was scary.


For those of you

who follow my blog, you are in for a lucky treat. Chrome is giving away free shoes, but you have to send in an old pair of shoes and have it post marked by tomorrow!

In an attempt to let the world know how committed they are to their footwear line, Chrome announces their Turds For Gold Shoe Exchange. For two days only, Chrome will be slinging a new pair of shoes to anyone that sends them a worn-out pair of kicks.

"There are a lot of great shoe brands out their but few, if any, are made to handle the harsh demands of riding in the city," says Chrome Marketing Director, Matt Sharkey.

“Our shoes are built to hold up under the toughest conditions and are designed 100% to address the needs of the everyday city cyclist. Not only did we want to build a shoe that was durable and functional, but we also paid close attention to overall fit and timeless style."

The exchange begins on Wednesday, March 17 and ends promptly the next day on Thursday, the 18th. Packages must be post marked by 3/18 to qualify and should include a return shipping address and shoe size info.

Please ship all packages to:
Chrome Industries
Attn: Turds for Gold/Sharkey
580 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107