Chitty Chitty Gang Bang

Is still happening this Wednesday. Here are some photographs from the Cafe Race. Check points were St. Marks, Pablo's, Leela's, and Paris.
1. Rob (danger)
2. Kahlil(like 7 seconds behind rob)
3. Jeremy (cocks)
4. Alex (potts)
5. Nathan (naked)
6. Nick (backflip in yo face)
7. Aleena (aneela)
8. Jeff (Jollie)
9. Austin (Tacious)
10. Ryan (Lion Basher)

Play list:
the wooden sky
social studies
the tallest man on earth


Memorial Day Weekend Round 2

This time around I didn't end up in jail! I did end up in the Memorial day parade though with Jeff. We got kicked out a couple of times. We rode with the pt cruisers, I think it was something about gay pride here is a picture from the parade.

Later we ran into Greg and rode out to Cherry Creek Reservoir for a swim and got nothing but mosquito bites.


Ulysses Lion

My friends had me take some photographs with them the other week. They played with Toxic Holocaust.


Chitty Chitty Gang Bang: 4 The DUI Test

Wednesday, June 9th, is Chitty Chitty Gang Bang #4.

This event is going to be different from the previous three; more fun and relaxed, less, Rob throwing up after winning. The format will be a time trial through a cone slalom (bunch of cones and a few surprise obstacles), one person at a time, with lots of cheering, beer, and high fives on the sidelines.

Come on out and tell your friends, because this is an event that everybody can participate in and have a chance at winning.

See you there