View Camera

I finally used my view camera for the first time. I was extremely surprised that my $50 bargain lens and $100 dollar body/accordians and free film holders worked so well. Here are some results that was inspired by a project called "Dump Sites" or something to the extent.



Polaroid Mio

I gots me one. Its nice because it takes the instax mini film and it was a quarter of the price of the fuji cameras.



Spent 5 days or so in Montana on Neil's friend Jacks property. We caught some huge 5+ lbs trout in his many lakes and some tasty fish sticks in the river near by. I've never been so redneck in my entire life. We sat on the porch eathing, drinking, and shooting guns, riding 4-wheelers everywhere, bashing stuff, and chasing cattle. It was well needed break from everything. Only sad thing was that we didn't see any bears, I did poop in their territory though.