As of recent

I usually take some pictures of my granmother and nephew Max in the morning, if he is there. Took a couple with my bronny but just have to find some money to develop it. Just trying to improve on my portraits. My grandmother does not like it when I take photographs of her because she says she is old and her mouth looks all fucked up. I've been playing with my white balance a lot too.

Here is a text between Ehren and I
Loon: I might be able to grow a less scummy mustache my lip hairs are thicker and like pubes now
Ehren: Probably the best text i've recieved
I didn't realize how funny it was until I reread it.

If you like cars you will like Ken Block showing off his driving skills in the new STI. It is pretty impressive.

Here is a text I got last night. Check out Elliot's sweet sock tan line.

This was parked in front of me at the grocery store. This is some serious dedication to being a juggalo.