Super Duper Shooter I

A problem with using and Fuji peel apart films in Polaroid cameras is the film pack materials. Polaroid packs were made of metal and Fuji are made of plastic. The springs that press the film flush against the pack are too strong for the plastic packs. Don't fret, its a simple fix. The tab ripped on this exposure. The proper way to fix it is to crack the back open slightly (in low light) and slowly pull the tab that ripped out past the locking mechanism. This should allow the black tab to pass the door and allow for development. Take care with the first 4 exposures, as they are the most prone to ripping/jamming. If you are lucky and happen to have done some research before loading your camera, there are several precautions that can be done to avoiding this problem completely. Pull slowly and straight.

1. If you happen to have an empty Polaroid cartridge, you can swap the metal back plate with the plastic one.
2. You can break off the springs or heat and bend them slightly to relieve pressure.

I have yet to finish this pack of film so we will see what is the easiest of the methods later. For now here is the first double exposure that was surprising not lost. This was probably a 3 minute exposure of the ramp and a minute exposure of fire. I really love the vignette, as for the softness I cannot decide.

Better instructions/descriptions of problems here.