Jobless, again.

Monday was my last day of work. The boss pulled me aside and told me that I wasn't meeting the standards of my position. He said I needed to take a higher volume of photographs, but I find it hard because I like to make them personal or at least make an effort to make them have a decent background. As he was talking to me, I told him I didn't like the job and basically put in my two weeks. Its crazy what they company wants us to do. They want "unique" photos, which means have the rink/field in the background but also take a lot of them. Its hard when there are time constraints and we cannot put any creativity into the photographs. By the time I had shot 60 photographs, the top photographer had put up 600. Yeah, I can't believe it. Oh well, I hated that job anyway. I think my boss might have been pissed because he saw me talking to my aunt kelsey.